Many OE and even some aftermarket windage trays do not do a good job of draining the oil in the tray back to the sump of the pan fast enough. The two worst that come to my mind are BB Chrysler and FE Ford. The oil really pools up on this style and can only drain in the front or rear of the pan. While putting my own 440 together I came up with this easy fix. I cut 3 windows in the middle of the stock tray and welded in some uni-directional screen I had left over from an aftermarket kit. The screen is relatively inexpensive. It allows the oil to get away from the crank much faster than normal, which helps free up some hp and helps to keep the oil from being excessively whipped up by the rotating assembly which can contribute to aeration.

Jake Sampson
Sampson Racing Engines
Inver Grove Heights, MN
September, 2019