Engine Pro Shop Solutions is designed to provide automotive machine shop owners and engine technicians with the opportunity to share real-life knowledge to solve common challenges and improve shop efficiency. We’re always looking for good tips and suggestions and are happy to award a $100 VISA gift card for each tip we publish on this site and on the Shop Solutions pages of Engine Builder Magazine.

The best tips involve time-saving techniques that you’ve discovered to deal with a specific application, general shop practices that improve efficiency or reduce costs, or ideas that you’ve put in place that make your shop more profitable. The best tips include a close-up image or two that illustrate the tip you’re submitting. Cell phone images are great as long as the size has not been reduced–the bigger the better.

Don’t worry that your tip may not be “special” enough, often the simplest tricks are the most overlooked. You’ll be improving our industry and earning an extra $100 for your efforts!

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