I have been taking photos of projects as customers drop them off. A picture from all sides will show any sensors, brackets etc. that the customer didn’t remove. A couple times a year a customer will tell me I forgot to give them back a sensor or bracket. I can then go back to my camera or pictures downloaded to my computer and find out whether or not it came in with them. I can let them know that whether they were here or not, and remind them that they were there when I took the pictures. If I really did forget to give them back at least I would know what to look for. I can refer to the pictures if I have any questions upon reassembly as well. I also take pictures of the finished product showing details of all the valve keepers being properly installed, oil galley plugs, etc. I haven’t had any trouble with this yet, but you never know how competent the installer may be and this could save your rear end if someone else makes a mistake.

Dan Matton
D and D Auto Machine
Bloomington, MN
December, 2018