How does a new potential customer find your shop? Yellow Pages are out… smartphones are in! Have you had occasion to type, or better yet, use voice commands with your smartphone to find a restaurant “near me”? This technology, called hyperlocal, combines internet business listings with the GPS in your phone to display, not just fast food joints, but any business. Now’s a great time to test Google to see if your business is listed. Type the name of your business into your smartphone web browser and Google should display a street view photo and a map of your location. If not, you need to claim and manage your company “Google My Business” page. Google allows searchers to easily find information about your business on search, maps and Google+. It’s free, easy to manage and gives you the control to present your local business in the best light possible. This works even if you don’t have a web presence.

Steve Rich
Sterling Bearing Inc
N. Kansas City, MO
September, 2019